Sommerville Police Station

Client: Victoria Police
Architect:Baldasso Cortese
Superintendent:Turner & Townsend
Value: $9 Million

A Victorian Government initiative for the con- struction of a functional, modern and flexible police station. A new 24-hour facility within a growth corridor suburb with purpose built office and amenities areas to provide over 150 staff with a pleasant, efficient working environment, whilst also providing customer entrance and service area.

The station houses a Uniform Branch, Highway Patrol, Crime Scene Unit and Executive Branch.

The overall form of the building is low and ground hugging in response to protecting existing vegetation and following the natural contour of the land. Ground floor precast concrete base and a Corten steel facade to the upper level facing the intersection. The Corten cladding is folded to form points on a star, a reference to Victoria Police’s badge and core values.