In 1953 two successful builders, William Johns and Christopher Lyng, decided to pool their talents and expertise founding a building company.

They named the company, Johns and Lyng Pty. Ltd. Both men had been acquainted for a number of years. William Johns had recently retired as Managing Director of Clements Langford and Christopher Lyng had spent his working life in the building industry.

The two founders had articulate views on the type of company they planned to develop. Their aim was to expand the company on the basis of quality performance - which in turn rested upon a strongly adhered to philosophy; that Johns and Lyng would make it a cardinal aim to provide a highly personalised and professional service.

Today, Johns Lyng Group operates as a diverse number of individual companies. With 65 years in the construction industry, Johns Lyng Commercial Builders have the experience and understanding to deliver your project to the highest possible level.