Johns Lyng Commercial Builders is committed to sustainability in all aspects of our business, governed by our Environmental Management System, which is compliant to ISO 14001.

This system sets benchmarks and targets to ensure our continual focus on sustainability both on site and within our office locations.

Our Environmental Management Plan ensures that only materials that will not impact the environment in a negative way are used at every opportunity, and emphasises the importance of recycling and reusing materials wherever possible.

Our systems aim to limit the excessive disposal of waste, including encouraging our contractors to source suppliers that will accept the return of excess, unused materials.
Our project strategies highlight our approach to appropriately addressing pollution, construction waste, water conservation and energy use wherever possible. The sustainability of each project is assessed in our site set up and each project manager reviews this as the job progresses.

Johns Lyng Commercial Builders recognises its commitment to Sustainability and Environmental management though our formal Environmental Policy. This Policy is endorsed by our Board of Directors and available on request.